Integrate Consulting LLC was initially conceived to provide support to the founding members.

This was inspired by some Latino nonprofit organizations, including Casa Aztlán, the Latino Organization of the Southwest and Mexicanos Unidos del Distrito Federal.

These non-profit organizations were in need of support from trained professionals specially in Mexico as most of their work was targeted to Mexican nationals residing abroad and requiring advice from their country of origin.

These organizations also faced the need to negotiate with Mexican local agencies and governments certain collaboration and support agreements for their members.

This project continues to support the organizations and address issues of concern to the entire Latino community.

In a world economy that remains volatile, the needs in our communities are growing and even the strongest nonprofit organizations are struggling to remain effective.  Integrate Consulting LLC's members are demonstrating a real commitment to nonprofit effectiveness and impact, and are partnering in efforts to guide change and transition to address organizational needs and work to strengthen the organizations.

Throughout the process, we have worked hand-in-hand with consultants, board members, staff, funders and other stakeholders in the community.

Adjusting to this new economy means increasing effectiveness and sustainability for many small to mid-sized organizations.

Integrate Consulting LLC's services can help organizations assess current similar programs south of the border and tailor their applicability to more custom programming in the US at affordable rates.

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A view into the future

Integrate Consulting LLC is now redefining foreign consultancy to meet all challenges of today and the future of the global economy in the 21st century not only for non-profit organizations but for companies involved in the NAFTA region that are in need of quality advice in their business ventures.

The first project involves Mexico. With NAFTA, our partner south of the border, our daily and future possibilities for solid business are unlimited.